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Paths and foot-ways in and around sports and leisure facilities often pose particular problems for designers and users alike. Wet pour rubber, in various forms, provides a cost effective and practical solution offering a porous, anti-slip and comfortable surface for the user whilst at the same time reducing maintenance costs over time to a minimum.

Golf Clubs

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Golf clubs, present a unique situation, the important criteria set by players and members for a comfortable and quiet surface are often completely different to the needs of club management and maintenance staff who need to maintain those surfaces immediately adjacent grass and other forms of paved surface around the clubhouse and course. 



Wet pour rubber is fast becoming the surface of choice for forward thinking clubs when considering pedestrian and light duty vehicular areas.

Wet pour rubber:

• is quiet and comfortable to walk on.
• can be laid with a variety of finishes (artificial bark for example).
• is virtually maintenance free but can be brushed and power washed clean.
• is robust and durable enough for all pedestrian and light vehicle applications.
• can be installed over existing hard surfaces, avoiding long disruptive installation times and avoids the need for costly removal of existing surfaces before installation.

Holiday Parks

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After several wet summers many  touring park owners are installing hard-standings for cars and touring vans but  an awning ideally sits on an area of turf allowing comfort for the user but an ongoing maintenance problem for the site owner. A suitably located wet pour rubber pad can afford a cushioned, level surface for the user and it will not degrade with use, will not break down and shed constituent parts onto adjoining surfaces and it will allow pegs to be driven into it and be removed.



Sports Pitches

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Areas around sports pitches are often severely damaged by sheer volume of footfall. Areas at entry and exit points, areas approaching changing facilities and areas immediately around and between pitches all suffer from heavy pedestrian traffic and during wet periods can be ruined as footfall churns the soil to mud. Carefully planned installations of wet pour rubber can offer a safe and durable surface and, in many instances, can work out more cost effective over time than ongoing repairs and maintenance.




Woodlands and Parks

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Recycled rubber is now available in a number of forms and colours and can be used to great effect to mimic loose bark fill with none of the disadvantages of the natural material. The artificial bark when bound with PU resin will not rot or break down and will not spread and migrate into adjoining areas. The bound surface can be cleaned either by hand brushing or power washing and the bound surface is comfortable and clean to walk on and of course will allow wheelchair access affording accessibility for all.