Project Case Study – Cow Sand Bed

Mr W Parsons
Deep Sand System
Langford Green Farm



Our client was looking for an innovative & low cost solution for the base of his deep sand system. Previous problems with the bed have been the migration of loose aggregate up through the bed & high sand usage.



Project 3_2

Our rubber crumb bonded with resin was laid on crushed aggregate as the supporting base of the deep sand system. The rubber layer is totally porous (circa 50mm) and covered with approx. 4 inches of sand. The photo opposite shows the sand racked back to show the rubber base.



Project 3_3
The recognised advantages of the sand were not compromised in any way, with the sand retaining its comfort qualities and low bacterial count. The rubber base will never move and will offer further comfort due to its insulating and cushioning properties. Huge savings are now being made and the cows are happy with an increased lying time – see photo opposite.


“Our cubicles are now always full with an increased lying time. We have experienced a 30% saving in sand, whilst maintaining the comfort of a deep sand bed.”
Will Parsons, Langford Green Farm