Project Case Study – Field Shelter Bases

Mrs E Moody
Field Shelter Bases
South Widecombe

Project 1
A typical field shelter installation. Internal floor and surrounding area had been damaged by everyday use and problem compounded by wet weather.

Entrance to shelter was soft and muddy rendering the access to the shelter difficult for the animals and virtually impossible for the owner.


Project 2
Minimal ground works necessary for the installation of our Ram – Track surface. Compacted soil floor inside the shelter was levelled, mud and loose soil was removed from outside the shelter and polyethylene blocks set in place to form supporting base. Blocks then filled with a mixture of recycled rubber crumb and polyurethane binder which was then left to cure (typically usable after twenty four hours).


Project 3
Finished result, a robust, totally porous, anti-slip surface which will remain usable in all conditions.

Additional bedding will not be necessary and the surface will be virtually maintenance free needing only to be kept clean to preserve its original characteristics.


“The totally porous field shelter base has revolutionised keeping horses out in the winter. I have noticed a saving in hay usage as it’s not wasted into the mud and my horses are enjoying the comfort & stability around the shelter, as am I!”

Liz Moody, South Widcombe