Project Case Study – Cow Mattress Bed

Mr J Alvis
Continuous Cow Mattress System
Regilbury Park Farm


Project-2_1 (Copy)

Ram-Track were asked to install approximately 100 cow cubicle beds at the Alvis’s Dairy Farm near Bristol Airport.

Their previous mattresses had become compressed out of shape and channels between the beds had made it  difficult to clean – see opposite.


Project 2_2


This photo shows our continuous rubber mattress system laid. We mixed the rubber crumb & resin on site in a large bell mixer and then poured it down between temporary battens which were removed once the material had cured (approx. 24 hrs).



Project 2_3


Once the wet pour rubber had cured, the waterproof mattress cover was pulled over and pinned down – see photo opposite.

The client has been extremely pleased with the end result. 100 cow beds were completed in a day, with considerable savings compared to installing individual mattresses.

“The continuous rubber base is a lot easier to clean than the individual cow mattresses and has maintained its shape & comfort qualities – we would buy more.”

Johnny Alvis, Regilbury Park Farm