Project Case Study – Clevedon Golf Club

Clevedon Golf Club
Footpath to 1st Tee

Clevedon 1


Clevedon Golf Club required a pathway from the Car Park down alongside the clubhouse to the 1st Tee. The ground was becoming badly cut up with the heavy rainfall and they were experiencing wash down & migration of the current surface. We asked them to prepare a hard core base with edges of 50mm for us to lay our rubber into.



Clevedon 2


We set up our mixing station in the car park and wheel barrowed the rubber and resin mix down to the bottom of the path. We then shaped the surface with a spazzle rake and troweled down the edges. Finally, we rolled the top to compact the rubber crumb to a depth of approx. 50mm and left to cure for 24 hours.



Clevedon 3


The finished pathway has been well received by the club & members, looking smart running up alongside the clubhouse. As the golfers walk down towards the 1st Tee they will now benefit from a cushioned, porous, non-slip surface. The club benefit from a durable, low environmental impact, maintenance free surface that will last.