Wet pour rubber surfacing, minimal groundwork required for installation, maximum improvement for animals and owners in field shelter bases, footpaths and walkways. Our recycled rubber surfacing prevents the destruction of soil structure and the creation of mud ensuring that bases, paths and walkways remain usable in all conditions and require minimal maintenance.

Field Shelters

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Not all horses need protection from the elements, some of the more hardy breeds are happy to stay outside during all weather. There can be no doubt though that any horse will welcome some shelter and mobile field shelters are often used to answer that need, especially in remote areas where planning permissions are difficult.

Field shelters, by definition, are designed to be mobile and are usually built on a steel frame which acts as a skid, enabling the shelter to be easily moved. Problems however occur when shelters are left for long periods of time and poaching of the turf both inside and immediately outside the shelter occurs. The destruction of soil structure and creation of soft areas and mud, particularly at points of entry and exit can, in extreme cases, render the shelter dangerous and unusable.


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In order to minimise preparation works ‘in the  field’, and therefore cost, our rubber surface is constructed on a grid of recycled polyethylene blocks. This framework of blocks adds strength to the finished surface and importantly means that the ground works associated with a traditional fixed surface are not required The finished floor is not attached to the underlying ground and is completely independent of the field shelter, think of it as a large heavy duty stable mat.




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The rubber floor will be be robust but will be cushioned and warm, minimal, if any, additional bedding can be added to customer choice. Rubber stable mats become slippery when wet, our surface which is porous, will allow water to pass freely through, as a result the surface will maintain its anti-slip properties when wet. The surface will need minimal maintenance requiring only to be kept clean, either by hand or power wash, to preserve its characteristics.



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• minimal ground works required for installation.
• strong and robust.
• cushioned, warm and comfortable.
• porous.
• anti-slip.
• mimimal maintenance.


“The totally porous field shelter base has revolutionised keeping horses out in the winter. I have noticed a saving in hay usage as it’s not wasted into the mud and my horses are enjoying the comfort & stability around the shelter, as am I!”

Liz Moody, South Widcombe

Walkways & Paths

Hard surfaces are usually constructed with an eye to durability and inevitably cost. Whilst both criteria are of course critical they often lead to a surface being installed which does not put the animals welfare and requirements to the fore.

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Wet pour rubber is increasingly becoming the surface of choice, over more traditional surfaces like concrete, macadam and block paving, for professional and amateur users alike, where horses are being ridden and led on a frequent basis. Racecourses and professional yards have long been aware of the benefits of wet pour rubber in parade rings and walkways.

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• comfortable to walk on.
• porous, minimal ponding and puddling.
• quiet in use and anti-slip, reassuring for a nervous horse (or rider).


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