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Ram-Track Ltd have developed, in consultation with local farmers, a cost effective alternative to the individual cow mattress & supporting base of a deep sand system. We have also developed our wet pour rubber surfacing for cow track way, standing areas and other areas of heavy footfall, such as water troughs & gateways.

Cow Mattresses

We have developed a cost effective alternative to the individual cow mattress. A layer of recycled rubber crumb (SBR) is bound with PU resin and laid as a bed where the mattress would normally be sited. The rubber & resin is mixed on site and poured like ‘Tarmac’ thus allowing us to get into even the tightest spots. We then compact & roll to the desired finish and leave to cure (24hrs in normal ambient conditions). The rubber is then wrapped with a waterproof cover and farmers will often then lightly cover with sawdust or straw to take in any moisture.

  • Significant cost savings over mattress system.
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  • Continuous strip with no pitting or channels & therefore easier to clean.
  • No dragging, compression out of shape, tearing or loss of filling.
  • Maintains its depth & comfort qualities. 

“The continuous rubber base is a lot easier to clean than the individual cow mattresses and has maintained its shape & comfort qualities – we would buy more.”

Johnny Alvis, Regilbury Park Farm


Deep Sand System

Our cost effective supporting base is included as an integral part of a deep sand system. The rubber crumb bonded with resin is laid on the stone/concrete base of the cubicle bed underneath the sand. The rubber layer is free draining and will allow any liquids to pass freely through. The recognised advantages of the sand are not compromised in any way, with the top layer of sand retaining its desired qualities of comfort and low bacterial count. These qualities are enhanced by the rubber layer (circa 50mm) which offers further comfort due to its insulating & cushioning properties. Our rubber base will remain in position unlike other systems which can migrate and ‘float’ up through the sand thus causing problems.

Installations that Ram-Track have already completed have shown the cows are voting with their hooves and bedding down in our rubber based cubicles before the cubicles with concrete bases. Farmers are also seeing a circa 30% saving in sand usage.

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  • Totally porous rubber base.
  • Cushioning & insulating properties.
  • Sand comfort qualities retained.
  • Low bacterial count.
  • Significant reduction in sand volumes & therefore costs.

“Our cubicles are now always full with an increased lying time. We have experienced a 30% saving in sand, whilst maintaining the comfort of a deep sand bed.”

Will Parsons, Langford Green Farm


Cow Trackway & Standing Areas

Modern farming methods involve cattle spending more and more time on hard man-made surfaces, which are designed for durability with little or no thought for animal welfare. This has led to increased levels of lameness through sole bruising, ulcers and white line disease.

At Ram-Track, we offer a cost effective surface, which can be laid on any sound substrate, which will afford a cushioned walkway or standing area and is totally porous. This greatly increases cow comfort and significantly reduces the risk of foot injury. Our wet pour rubber surface can also be installed over areas of soft ground which are subject to high use e.g. – gateways & water troughs to provide a surface that will resist degradation. The surface will enable animals and traffic to traverse such areas without reducing them to mud and rendering them unusable.

  • Cow Track
    Cushioned walkway/trackway/standing areas.
  • Cow comfort / animal welfare.
  • Totally porous – effective drainage.
  • Non-slip.
  • Durable.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Constructed from 93% recycled materials.


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