About us


Ram-Track has been led by our customers from the very beginning. Our sister company Black-Ram Recycling carry out large scale drainage projects using recycled tyres. They were asked by a number of customers whether they could produce a surface that was free-draining, had great traction and was incredibly hard-wearing. After trialing the surface with their customers, the interest and feedback grew to such a level that a new company was needed to handle the inquiries.
Ram-Track now services several industries with multiple applications. Our team combines extensive knowledge from road surfacing, renewables and recycling industries and we’ve worked with the biggest names in both the private and public sector. Our goal is to deliver cost effective, tailored solutions for our client, regardless of the size of the project. We are a regionally responsible company operating out of the South West of England, for every project we will look to drive down the CO2 impact whilst not compromising on quality.

‘Compared to traditional stone surfacing, for every 100m2 we lay, the carbon saving is the equivalent of taking a family sized car off the road’ – ( DEFRA/DECC GHG Carbon Calculator)

Meet the Team

Henry Hodge

Henry started Black-Ram Recycling Ltd back in 2005. Black-Ram collect and recycle tyres in the South West of England and it was from this company that the idea of rubber surfacing and temporary access roads was born. Prior to recycling, Henry spent five years in London working for Financial News, he has a degree in Marketing from Newcastle Business School.

e Mail: henry@ram-track.com  Mobile tel no: 07968 539249

James Hodge

James has worked in the recycling industry for the last six years, predominately concentrating on the conversion of waste into energy. He headed up the waste to energy technology supplied by DPS Global (a Bristol based Oil & Gas company) and worked closely with the Ministry of Defence as well as other key clients. Prior to getting involved in recycling, James was part of the rural agency team at Knight Frank, advising land & property owners across the south west.

James is passionate about rugby & has recently been recognised by the RNLI for his services to the charity over the years.

e Mail: james@ram-track.com  Mobile tel no: 07525 667787

Dave Cook

Born into farming family, formative years spent in Somerset. Dave achieved an honours degree in Economics, studying at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham before embarking on a twenty nine year career with local company Ford Bros in Cheddar, the last ten years of which spent as surfacing director. Dave’s experience covers all aspects of macadam surfacing works along with over eight years experience with wet pour rubber surfacing in the play industry and more recently in the equestrian and agricultural market.

e Mail: dave@ram-track.com  Mobile tel no: 07580 337837